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How to select a commercial property management company


Identify commercial property management firms that specialize in your particular type of property. Some property managers only specialize in residential properties, so make sure the firm you select has the proper liability insurance in place. As always, ask for referrals from people you trust. 












  1. Search for references
    Signs located outside commercial properties typically indicate the commercial property management firm that operates it. Inspect the premises of buildings managed by your prospective firm to see if they are consistently maintained to your expectations. 

  2.  Identify potential additional fees in advance
    Prevent billing surprises and ensure you are aware of the full situation regarding the management of the property.

  3. Ask for references
    Don't be afraid to ask for references.  Any reputable property management company would be proud to provide a list of customers they have helped.

  4. Identify conflicts of interest
    Commercial property management firms often own and maintain their own investment properties. This does not necessarily indicate a conflict of interest but should be a topic of conversation to establish trust and eliminate any concerns you may have. 



Typical services offered by commercial property management firms.

  • Creation and maintenance of a comprehensive budget for the property, including a process to allow for adjustments as needed

  • Creation of detailed reports regarding relevant details about the property

  • Market analysis to determine rents

  • Documentation of procedures to stay in compliance with federal, state, and municipal laws, including fire, health, and safety codes

  • Administration of tenant leases and renewals

  • Rent collections and timely deposit reports

  • Scheduled internal and external property inspections to identify needed repairs, hazards, and violations

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