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Caliber Commercial Properties utilizes a team approach in property management. Our team consisting of property managers, bookkeepers, accountants and brokers, which make us the best one-stop shop for property management in town. We pride ourselves in being accessible advisors to our clients. Caliber provides clients with monthly reporting and regular communication to ensure transparency between the principal and the client. Some of the ways that we provide transparency is through budgeting and financial projections, assistance with loan and banking processes, expertise in obtaining vendors and bids, and catering to the needs of each client.

Caliber has managed more than 25 retail and industrial properties since its inception and continues to grow each year. The expertise and resources that have accumulated over the decades of property management experience within our team give us the ability to get the job done in a timely manner and create lasting relationships with our clients. Give Caliber a call to determine how we can help manage your real estate assets today!

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